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Super Hong Kong vintage shopping challenge

July 11, 2014

On a clammy Saturday afternoon in June, we stumbled across some very cheap clothes bargains on the market streets in Kowloon (Fa Yuen Street, or “Sneakers Street”, in Mong Kok to be exact).

As the prices were so low to begin with, the concept of haggling (as is expected on the market streets) doesn’t even enter into the equation.

So we decided that we could have fun with the bargains: Let’s challenge ourselves to see how far a small amount of cash will get us. One thrift store where we found a lot of bargains is Mee & Gee – Rails and rails of clothes and accessories beginning at prices as low as HK$5 (65 cents).

Below are the day’s purchases with individual prices, comments, and our ratings out of five stars for the value for money. Enjoy!

☁ -diarmuid (& kristin)


Description: Mint silk dress
Cost: HK$100 ($13)
Comment: Looks like something from Alice in Wonderland. Very whimsical with lovely lace detail.
Rating: 4 stars

Description: Full length navy blue dress with colorful star patterns
Cost: HK$20
Comment: Vintage design. Perfect for “lollygagging” in the garden during the summer. Soft cotton. Retro 1960s feel.
Rating: 3 stars


Description: Peach dress, comes to just below knees
Cost: HK$20
Comment: Mint condition quality silk for very low price ($2.50 people!!!). Looks like it’s from the 1940s.
Rating: 5 stars

Description: Pineapple croptop
Cost: HK$50
Comment: Modern, fun, and colorful. Pineapples are in this summer, cos, uh, we said so!
Rating: 3 stars


Description: Peach blouse with retro dot pattern
Cost: HK$10
Comment: Vintage style with bow. Very cute.
Rating: 4 stars

Description: Fruity red dress
Cost: HK$160
Comment: Looks like something you’d see in holiday snaps from Hawaii from decades ago. Very cool.
Rating: 3 stars


Description: Blue “Green Hills” t-shirt
Cost: HK$10
Comment: Like something you’d see in a 90s skate video. Radical.
Rating: 5 stars

Description: Stripy t-shirt
Cost: HK$20
Comment: Purple stripe at the top kind of throws the other colors. An average find.
Rating: 3 stars


Description: “Cheerful dinner makes us smile” t-shirt
Cost: HK$20
Comment: Bizarre but fun slogan for a t-shirt. A quirky find.
Rating: 4 stars

Description: Short-sleeved stripy shirt
Cost: HK$30
Comment: This is like something your dad would’ve worn in the 70s. Full marks as it ticks all the boxes: Retro! vintage! quirky!
Rating: 5 stars


Description: “Money, please born money for me after getting married” zipper pouch
Cost: HK$40
Comment: Another bizarre slogan. Very Chinese. Very awesome.
Rating: 4 stars

Description: Fox button badge
Cost: HK$10
Comment: What does the fox say? Buy this badge. Done.
Rating: 2 stars

A comedy within a comedy

July 9, 2014


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I was lucky enough to nab tickets from work to the philharmonic for a production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” on Saturday evening. It was amazing. Like listening for two hours to the music of angels, really, or in this case, fairies. Diarmuid and I had never been to the philharmonic here in Hong Kong, but now we can’t wait to go back. There was an orchestra, a choir, actors and one very lively maestro.

We also got to attend a V.I.P. intermission of wine and snacks and had the chance to meet some of the people who put the productions together in Hong Kong. The executive director of the philharmonic, who is Scottish, told us that he likes to go on one crazy adventure every decade. Once he rode a bike from Scotland to Ireland (via Wales and the ferry) and on to outlying islands where his family clan had originally came from. Another time he spent two weeks traveling all the way down the Mississippi. And he told us that County Wexford, Ireland has the best festival for opera out of anywhere in the world.

After listening to more beautiful music, we left that night feeling, as my co-worker put it, very “cultured”.

Before heading out to the show, we decided to pose for some photographs together (since it’s not so often that we’re both dressed up). I had it in my mind that it would look really cute if we both were sitting on our terrace wall, looking casual, and yet, you know, not… ha. I set the timer on our camera, which was atop a tripod, and ran to jump up on the bench to seat myself next to Diarmuid on the wall.

Well, wouldn’t you know, this being Hong Kong, our bench was rotted, and my foot fell through it. I nearly broke my ankle, but luckily, I was unhurt. And our camera (being on the timer) documented my misfortune.k-d-theater1
^^My “I just broke a bench” face

Luckily the lovely performance by the philharmonic left us feeling harmonious with the earth once again. :) Tomorrow, we’re headed to Ireland for a week and a half (to see Diarmuid’s brother get married!!) and then on to Florence, Italy for a few days.  Wish us better luck!

☁ -kristin

(And if you’re traveling, I’d also recommend checking out orchestra concerts in Prague and Chicago, which are both held in historic theaters. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra often gives free concerts, sometimes outside in the summer!)

1,600 pandas invade Hong Kong

July 1, 2014

Papier-mache pandas, created by French artist Grangeon, are seen displayed in front of the Tian Tan Buddha at Hong Kong's Lantau

Have you heard about the panda flashmobs that have been happening around Hong Kong these past two weeks? (They’ve shown up at iconic Hong Kong locations like the airport, Big Buddha and Victoria Park). Diarmuid and I went to check them out on Saturday at the art venue PMQ in Central, where they will be until July 17. They’ve landed here as part of a world tour by a French artist and the World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness that there are only 1,600 giant pandas left in the wild.



pandas-pandas The pandas are made of paper machet by the artist, Paulo Grangeon, and each one is unique. You can even apply to adopt one through a lottery system here. Diarmuid and I are applying as our little Hong Kong apartment definitely is missing a baby panda. Don’t you think? ha ;) pandas-everywhere










^^Me, my 1,600 pandas and one little photobomber.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!

☁ -kristin