10 Outings Around San Francisco’s Bay Area

February 7, 2014

San-Francisco-adventuresIMG_1265SAN FRANCISCO:

1) Soak in the Golden Gate Bridge on China Beach.

Chinese fishermen who worked in or around San Francisco used to camp along these banks since Gold Rush days, giving rise to the name China Beach.  IMG_1212

2) Watch the waves around Outer Sunset.

You’ll likely find some washed up sea treasures. Just a short walk along the beach on San Francisco’s Outer Sunset, I stumbled upon hundreds of sand dollars. I’ve never seen so many at once!



3) Experience the magic of old growth redwoods in Muir Woods. 

Make sure to let out an ‘ohmmm’ or two. Cost: $7


4) Bike over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito.

Start at Embarcadero in San Francisco, near the Ferry Building, and follow the bike path along the coast. Eventually you’ll go through a park and then come to the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. Keep on going and take the road to the right after the bridge – you can’t miss it. If you feel so inclined, pack a lunch and eat by the water, then go for a refreshing cup of Joe to energize for the ride home. Keep following the bike path to Mill Valley if you want to hit approximately 30 miles roundtrip. Totally worth it. Or, if you get tired halfway, catch a ferry boat from Sausalito to Embarcadero.


5) Shuck some live oysters at Hog Island Oyster Co.

The best way to do it is to buy a dozen or so live oysters and take them a few miles north to picnic along the cliffs of Highway 1. Don’t forget a tasty brew, some lemons and an oyster shucker! Cost: $20 / dozen


6) Camp at Point Reyes.

If you get to Point Reyes early enough, and if the weather cooperates, there is talk of whale watching near the lighthouse. The drive is incredible so even if it’s a day trip, you won’t be sorry you went. Cost to camp: $25/night



7) Check out the sunset at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the Bay Area, the sunsets never get old. The Lawrence Hall of Science is located at the top of “the hill” near Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, so you have to drive up a windy road to get to it. There are lots of bikers on this road so take caution!


8) Take a stroll around UC Berkeley to find the smallest bear on campus.

Hint: Look on South Hall.

Afterwards, take an elevator ride up the Campanile to check out an aerial view of the East Bay. Cost: $2



9) Check out Maverick’s in Half Moon Bay, a world famous surf spot.


Not really in “The Bay”, persay, but worth the trip:

10) Take a day trip to Sonoma Valley.

Have your taste buds blown away with some classy alcoholic grape juice. Click here for a recap on my wine-tasting experience. Yum.



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