Where to stay when you wind up in Dingle

April 25, 2014

dingle quickguide

Hi there. Hope everyone’s week went OK and that you’re ready for the weeekend!! (We know we are, ha.) Today D & I are sharing with you one of the most lovely places we’ve ever stayed … and it just so happens to be on the ocean. Dingle is a quaint town on Ireland’s western coast in the Ring of Kerry, and was included as one of our five places to visit this year. It also happens to be home to Ireland’s most-famous dolphin, Fungie (who I sometimes accidentally call Dingie. Oops.).

Did you know Ireland had a celebrity-status mammal of the sea? It’s true. He’s the Flipper of the green isle, and he’s been living there for decades. You can take a boat out and Fungie will come right out and greet you, do some jumps and give you a little wave and smile.

So the place to stay in Dingle is Heaton’s Guesthouse. It’s a 4-star B&B run by an Irish couple, and the breakfast is to die for (read: fish caught fresh that morning). You can also walk to all the sites, like a hardware store that doubles as a bar and a cathedral that hosts indie concerts. There’s also a lot of great hiking in the area (we chose to scale “Mount Eagle”.)

You’re treated like old friends from the moment you walk in the door at the B&B, in a very genuine way. We kept seeing Nuala, one of the owners, everywhere around town. She would honk her car at us and wave, and would even remember our names. We were impressed.

The prices are quite reasonable — they vary by the season, but start at 55 euros/night (for a single room) and 80 euros/night (for a double room). The average price is about 110 euros/night for a double room.

And here’s a photo of Fungie in case you didn’t believe us:
fungie photo via Explore Ireland Tours

☁ -Kristin & Diarmuid

P.S. This post is part of a quick series on hotels that we are compiling. They may look sponsored, but they are not, we promise. These are all places that we’ve stayed at and that we love. We figured we always spend hours searching for a good place to stay ahead of a trip, so why not make it a little bit easier and compile a running list? In our opinion, personal recommendations from friends are always the best.

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